Chemical Edition

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Meet our complete product line of heavy duty engine oils. We wanted to create the most tecnically advanced formulation ever that would help you get the results you want, in less time with less effort. And we did. We also divided the lubricants by edition, and then by series so you knew exactly which oil to choose.


Golden Supreme Chain Lube is for all chains and wire cables. Contains anti-wear additives and synthetic moly for premium performance. Dry time optimized for maximum protection. Dries only after entering chain links or wire cable strands. A superior lubricant formulated for chains.


  • Superior lubricant formulated for chains
  • Dries only after entering chain links or wire cable strands
  • Prevents oxidation and extends component life

Golden Supreme Octane Booster is a solvent based product designed to remove deposits in fuel side of the engine. Helps restore horsepower by removing deposits and cleaning the fuel intake system.