Cycle Edition

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Meet our complete product line of heavy duty engine oils. We wanted to create the most tecnically advanced formulation ever that would help you get the results you want, in less time with less effort. And we did. We also divided the lubricants by edition, and then by series so you knew exactly which oil to choose.


Golden Supreme's 2T series is a premium formula fully compatible with low octane and oxygenated/gasohol fuel. Provides out-standing anti-scu , anti-wear, rust and corrosion protection. Burns cleanly and keeps parts clear for maximum output. Protects ball and needle bearings high RPM use.

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Golden Supreme Motor Oil Lubricant 2T


Golden Supreme's 4T Motorcycle/ATV engine oil is designed specifically for High RPM and High Temperature applications to provide maximum performance and protection for 4-stroke engines used in Motorcycles, ATVs and similar vehicles.

Golden Supreme Motor Oil Lubricant 4T Motorcycle